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The Beginnings

Around the beginning of the thirteenth century, a small group of European hermits settled on Mount Carmel near the present-day city of Haifa in Israel. St. Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem, gave to them a "way of life" which charged them with a life of simplicity, community, a particular "allegiance to Christ" and most especially prayer. They built a chapel in the midst of their hermitages and dedicated it to Our Lady. Soon they were known as the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, or simply Carmelites.

Reform and Growth

When the Carmelites came to Europe later in the century, they adapted their style of life to the mendicant movement, so that they could live in cities and minister to the needs of the people. Nonetheless, they never lost sight of both the contemplative dimension and origin of their lives, although they would often struggle to maintain its integrity in the midst of a busy and turbulent world.
In 1562, a Spanish Carmelite nun, know to history as St. Teresa of Avila, although the name she herself chose was Teresa of Jesus, sought to restore the emphasis on contemplative life, first among the nuns, then later among the friars. In this she was ably assisted by St. John of the Cross. The two established a vibrant new family within Carmel, dedicated to single-minded search for God in prayer at the service of the Church. Because they wore sandals, the footwear of the poor, they were popularly known as barefoot or Discalced Carmelites. The nuns led an enclosed contemplative life of prayer and sacrifice for the needs of the Church. The friars shared their spirit and life of prayers, but added to it the care of souls in a varied ministry, particularly in helping others develop a strong relationship with God thorough personal prayer.
The Discalced Carmel spread rapidly throughout Europe and to the New World. St. John of the Cross himself was selected to go to Mexico, but his untimely death prevented this.


Although Discalced Carmelite friars had been among the early explorers of what is now the western United States, they did not establish a permanent community until friars came from Bavaria to Wisconsin in 1906 to staff the National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians (which, in 2006, was honored with the distinct privilege of Basilica status as part of its centenary celebrations). In 1914 they added a parish, St. Florian in West Milwaukee, to their responsibilities. In 1942 they came to Brookline, Massachusetts to open a novitiate to accommodate the growing numbers of applicants. (This community transferred to Brighton in 1989.) In 1947, these monasteries were joined to a 1916 Spanish foundation in Washington, DC to become the first Discalced Carmelite Province in the United States: the Province of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Washington Province.

Missions and More Foundations

That same year, the new Province sent six missionaries to the Philippines to help re-establish the Church in Infanta. Two friars of the Province, Patrick Shanley and Julio Labayen, later served as bishop of Infanta.
Other foundations followed: a residence in Youngstown, Ohio meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs of the area and a minor seminary (later retreat house) in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Eventually these houses closed as new needs emerged elsewhere. In 1968, the Province established a community of hermits in Hinton, West Virginia. Thus the varied possibilities of the Discalced Carmelite way of life were all present in the houses of the Province.
The next step in the history of the Province came in the summer of 1995 when it assumed responsibility for the Discalced Carmelite House of Studies in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a seminary residence for English speaking African Carmelites preparing for the priesthood. The Province also oversees the spread of the Order in Kenya itself.
And so the Province continues to grow, serving the Church with all the wealth its spiritual patrimony has to offer.

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OCD Headquarters in Rome
Information on Carmelites throughout the world.

OCDS Headquarters in Rome
Vocation Office
Discalced Carmelite Secular Order
Carmelite Authors 101: Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity
Daniel Chowning, O.C.D., a Carmelite writer, lecturer and retreat leader, delivers a lecture about Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, the Carmelite nun and writer who lived from 1880 to 1906 and was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1984.
Boston College Front Row: Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

Carmelite Authors 101: Saint John of the Cross
Carmelite author and editor Fr. Kevin Culligan, O.C.D., speaks about the insights, writings, and mysticism of Saint John of the Cross.
Boston College Front Row: St John of the Cross

Carmelite Authors 101: Edith Stein – Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
John Sullivan, O.C.D., first series editor of the Collected Works of Edith Stein, and editor of Edith Stein: Essential Writings, talks about the life and writings of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (1891-1942).

Boston College Front Row: Edith Stein-St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

St. Therese Province of the Discalced Carmelite Friars Home Page

California/Arizona Province Home Page
Carmelite Communities Associated (CCA)
CCA is an association of monasteries of Discalced Carmelite Nuns. 
St. Mary of the Hill Parish
This parish is staffed by a priest of the Holy Hill Community, and is located on the grounds below the shrine church opposite the lower level parking lot.



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The Necrology is a list of all the deceased friars of the Province of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The names marked as bold are buried in the cemetery at Holy Hill, behind the Seventh Station. Others are buried in a cemetery close to the community where they died, while still others are buried with their family in the place where they grew up. Feel free to visit the cemetery at Holy Hill and pray for the friars you might have known.
Friars marked as bold are buried at Holy Hill.
By List | By Date
Br. Adam Modlmayr of the Nativity of Our Lord
age 54, professed 28, died October 7, 1916.
Fr. Paschasius Heriz of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
age 69, professed 49, ordained 39, died May 18, 1936.
Fr. Augustine Hamers of Saint Joseph
age 69, professed 36, ordained 46, died January 28, 1942.
Fr. Kilian Gutman of the Mother of God
age 79, professed 59, ordained 56, died May 30, 1942.
Fr. Peter Seul of the Mother of God
age 65, professed 41, ordained 37, died November 29, 1943.
Br. Martin Riepl of Saint Teresa
age 71, professed 42, died February 26, 1944.
Br. Burchard Schraut of the Mother of God
age 71, professed 38, died December 14, 1944.
Fr. Leo McCrudden of Saint Isaac Jogues
age 31, professed 11, ordained 6, died about July 7, 1948.
Fr. Bernard Gerl of the Blessed Sacrament
age 87, professed 71, ordained 65, died October 12, 1948.
Fr. Cyril Baumeister of Holy Mary
age 70, professed 50, ordained 46, died December 24, 1949.
Fr. Raphael Heinz of Saint Joseph
age 61, professed 37, ordained 32, died March 22, 1959.
Br. John Johnson of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
age 27, professed 3, died March 27, 1959.
Br. Brocard Ryan of Saint Ann
age 71, professed 39, died June 6, 1967.
Bishop Patrick Shanley of Saint Cecilia
age 73, professed 44, ordained 39, bishop 16, died January 2, 1970.
Fr. Godfrey Hirschberg of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
age 90, professed 67, ordained 62, died March 8, 1971.
Fr. Philip Foley of the Incarnation
age 62, professed 36, ordained 32, died June 28, 1972.
Fr. Luke Zimmerman of the Assumption of Our Lady
age 78, professed 52, ordained 47, died April 26, 1976.
Br. Joseph Schmidt of the Blessed Trinity
age 85, professed 52, died November 16, 1978.
Fr. John Prah of Holy Mary
age 62, professed 43, ordained 37, died March 12, 1979.
Br. Francis Enders of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
age 81, professed 13, died November 20, 1979.
Fr. Clement Stopka of the Blessed Virgin Mary
age 62, professed 40, ordained 35, died July 28, 1980
Fr. Berdardine Tinnefeld of Saint Joseph
age 83. professed 58, ordained 53, died October 4, 1980.
Fr. Andrew LeFebvere of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus
age 65, professed 45, ordained 40, died February 21, 1981.
Br. Julian Keck of Saint Henry
age 87, professed 59, died July 12, 1981.
Fr. Thomas Wilson of the Blessed Sacrament
age 45, professed 25, ordained 18, died January 23, 1982
Br. Eugene Weinheimer of the Blessed Sacrament
age 52, professed 22, died July 12, 1982.
Fr. Sebastian Ramge of the Holy Face
age 53, professed 34, ordained 27, died February 23, 1983.
Fr. Peter Duggan of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
age 53, professed 35, ordained 28, died November 25, 1984
Fr. John Clarke of Jesus-Mary
age 68, professed 48, ordained 41, died February 15, 1985.
Fr. Elias Keller of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
age 70, professed 54, ordained 46, died March 3, 1985.
Br. Kenneth Huppman of the Holy Family
age 49, professed 26, died February 22, 1986.
Fr. Herman Joseph Esselman of the Infant Jesus
age 66, professed 47, ordained 42, died October 15, 1986.
Fr. Thomas Kilduff of the Sacred Heart
age 79, professed 58, ordained 52, died October 23, 1986.
Fr. Conrad Fliess of the Virgin Mother of Carmel
age 62, professed 43, ordained 36, died June 8, 1988.
Fr. Adrian Cooney of Saint Joseph
age 60, professed 40, ordained 33, died August 11, 1988.
Fr. Pius (Thomas) Reynolds of the Blessed Trinity
age 71, professed 49, ordained 42, died March 26, 1989.
Br. Louis Bertram (Joseph) Scheerer of St. Gertrude
age 71, professed 52, died August 3, 1989.
Br. Dermot (Thomas) Conlon of the Annunciation
age 66, professed 36, died December 15, 1989.
Fr. Stephen (August) Dzuban of Saint Teresa
age 81, professed 58, ordained 51, died November 19, 1990.
Br. Paul O'Connell of the Holy Rosary
age 80, professed 18, died February 12, 1992.
Fr. Matthew (William) Scott of Saint Teresa
age 77, professed 56, ordained 51, died June 25, 1993.
Fr. Otilio Rodriguez of the Infant Jesus
age 83, professed 66, ordained 58, died June 17, 1994.
Br. Aloysius (Bernard) Holder of St. Rita
age 78, professed 57, died June 22, 1995.
Fr. Christopher (Joseph) Latimer of the Blessed Sacrament
age 73, professed 48, ordained 43, died September 19, 1995.
Fr. Peter Roberts of the Holy Face
age 71, professed 51, ordained 44, died December 1, 1995.
Fr. Kenneth (Edward) Stansky of St. Ann
age 70, professed 47, ordained 41, died December 12, 1995.
Fr. Fidelis (Edward) Fosselman of the Cross
age 71, professed 46, ordained 40, died March 14, 1996.
Fr. Gerard (William) Taylor of the Holy Family
age 72, professed 52, ordained 46, died June 26, 1996.
Br. Gilmary (John) Manning of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus
age 70. professed 38, died January 28, 1997 - Nairobi, Kenya.
Fr. Albert (Edward) Bourke of the Blessed Sacrament
age 87, professed 64, ordained 57, died March 9, 1997.
Fr. Gabriel (Richard) Gates of the Sacred Heart
age 83, professed 59, ordained 55, died June 9, 1997.
Fr. Benedict (John) Bishop of the Mother of Mercy
age 74, professed 49, ordained 43, died January 19, 1998.
Fr. Anselm (Paul) Canonero of the Assumption B.V.M.
age 79, professed 48, ordained 42, died April 20, 1998.
Br. Joachim (Wilfred Leroy) Nickerson of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
age 55, professed 38, died September 3, 1998.
Fr. James (Donald) Meldrum of the Immaculate Conception
age 84, professed 62, ordained 57, died March 19, 1999.
Fr. Giles (George) Dzuban of the Sacred Heart
age 84, professed 60, ordained 55, died January 16, 2000.
Fr. Guy Lofy of the Infant Jesus
age 77, professed 58, ordained 52, died August 8, 2001.
Fr. Bruno (Raymond) Cocuzzi of the Holy Family
age 75, professed 48, ordained 45, died July 21, 2002.
Fr. Paul (Albert) Trementozzi of Saint Teresa
age 75, professed 55, ordained 47, died October 21, 2002.
Fr. Dominic (Thomas) Scheerer of the Holy Rosary
age 81, professed 62, ordained 56, died February 10, 2004.
Fr. Denis (William) Read of the Holy Family
age 77, professed 59, ordained 51, died October 18, 2004.
Fr. Vincent Bowes of the Holy Family
born December 25, 1920 in Jordan, New York
professed September 25, 1947; ordained June 3, 1961
died April 17, 2009 at age 88.
Fr. Emmanuel (John) Sullivan of the Mother God
born December 24, 1926 in Boston, Massachusetts
professed September 8, 1946; ordained December 20, 1952
died April 27, 2009 at age 82.
Fr. Joseph-Mary (John) Flanery of the Infant Jesus
born December 25, 1921 in Rosiclare, Illinois
professed May 4, 1949; ordained June 4, 1955
died May 31, 2009 at age 87.

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3 B. Kuriakos Elias Chavara, priest
8 St. Peter Thomas, bishop
9 St. Andrew Corsini, bishop
1 B. Nuno Alvares Pereira, brother
17 B. Baptist Spagnoli, priest
18 B. Mary of the Incarnation, nun
16 St. Simon Stock
22 St. Joachim Vedruna de Mas, sister
25 St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, virgin
7 B. Anne of St. Bartholonew, virgin
13 B. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes, virgin
16 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel
17 B. Teresa of St. Augustine and Companions, virgins and martyrs
20 St. Elijah, prophet, our Father
23 Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace
24 B. Maria Pilar, Teresa and Maria Angeles, virgins
27 B. Titus Brandsma, priest and martyr
28 B. John Soreth, priest
7 St. Albert of Trapani, priest
9 B. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, martyr
25 B. Mary of Jesus Crucified, virgin
26 St. Teresa of Avila's Transverberation
1 St. Teresa Margaret Redi, virgin
12 B. Mary of Jesus, virgin
17 St. Albert of Jerusalem, bishop
1 St. Therese of the Child Jesus, virgin
15 St. Teresa of Avila, virgin and doctor of the Church
6 B. Josepha Naval Girbes, virgin
7 B. Francis Palau and Quer, priest
8 B. Elizabeth of the Trinity, virgin
14 All Saints of the Order
15 All Souls of the Order
19 B. Raphael Kalinowski, priest
29 B. Dennis of the Nativity and Redemptus of the Cross, martyrs
14 St. John of the Cross, priest and doctor of the Church
16 B. Mary of the Angels, virgin

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